søndag 13. mars 2011

fredag 11. mars 2011


"East coast inspirations" Tryptych
160cm x 80cm (55cmx80cm ea.)
R 6000

I found yet another treasure! An absolutely fabulous old friend from school!! And look what she does. She takes the most serene pictures from a wild coast :) Her photo`s have been worked in with textures, including grit and bronze and silver leaf. Sounds divine doesn`t it, check her out at PariArt on Facebook.

torsdag 10. mars 2011

Weird and wonderful imagination

The weird and wonderful imagination of twelve year olds is great! Fantastic entertainment! Their creativity explodes as they start on their journey to adulthood yet it is confined within the borders of peer pressure and that of course is the driving force of all that talent coming to the forefront! They need to prove they are best and most of all coolest. ;)

Hmm, little cupcakes, they are cool

Homemade ice cream ring! The stakes are high. The competition is on!

It´s not all kosher and yesterday, my daughter discovered the awful feeling of letting a friend down. We chatted till late about how important it is to learn from our mistakes and to deal with the greatest challenge in the art world,....being original and yet with our peers; are inspired by the same sources.

But let the creativity roll on and give space for others to learn from you too :)

tirsdag 8. mars 2011

Out came the sun!

What wonderful sunshine, we are ever so slightly starved of sun, so we cleared away a little patch to be able to sit against the wall of the house and warm ourselves. It has been a particularly beautiful winter. But I am still ready for spring, the snow is slowly sliding off the roof and each crash brings a little excitement. Even the birds were chirping madly in the trees as the snow was tumbling down.

The paparazzi which is Uma´s new nick name, wouldn`t go away! ;)

...and since she had got us in such a funny way I had to post it! Hope some of you guys look as corny as us sometimes! Lol!!!

søndag 6. mars 2011

World Cup mania!

Cute, today is Fastelavan a bun and cream feast day as it starts off the 40 day fast before Easter, same as the principal of carnival, overindulging before the fast.
But here as you see he is a little skier who has won as Norway won the 50 km mens cross country race today!
Picture taken by Lise Sundberg and sent to VG newspaper.
Couldn`t resist ;)

tirsdag 1. mars 2011